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Syncron Tech and Tieto partnership


Syncron Tech partnership with Tieto on energy management solutions and expand with SyncPower® EMS Tieto’s TIPS portfolio for the pulp, paper and flat sheet industry.

Syncron Tech released new SyncWare version 12. More power and ease of use.


Syncron Tech's software platform SyncWare® version 12 is released.

The new SyncWare 12 version can manage even a large company's all needs for production data collection and storage, e.g. for artificial intelligence applications needs.

The user interface is enhanced. SyncViz is now 100% HTML5 and for mobile devices the system supports also PWA, Progressive Web Apps.

PulPaper 2018


Syncron Tech participates PulPaper exhibition, 29-31 May 2018 at Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

SyncPulp - new integrated mill control and management system - launch at SPCI



SyncPulp is a holistic approach and system to run integrated Pulp & Paper Mills synchronized with millwide optimum as result.


Blog: Data as a hostage


Who owns the data from the production and who decides where and how it is used?

New SW11 is released. More productivity with new user interface and new features.


Syncron Tech products (SyncMES®, SyncPlan®, SyncPower® and SyncTools product family) basic software and foundation for releases SyncWare® version 11 is published. The first deliveries utilizing the release are already in commissioning phase.

Future MES = SyncMES.


Future MES forecasts what is coming - and enables better decisions. It distributes relevant data efficiently for those who need it and enables easy access to all other data. It adapts flexibly to changes in businesses and enables taking advantage of advancements in technology.

Syncron Tech strengthen its resources

Syncron Tech adds new muscles to software engineering.

Software engineers Mr. Tero Tarkkala and Mr. Jouni Neuvonen have joined our team bringing in strong experience in software engineering and latest technologies in various industries.



Syncron Tech Oy supplies a MES system to Suunto Oy


Syncron Tech Oy received a MES order from Suunto Oy to it’s Vantaa factory as part of Suunto’s supply chain efficiency improvement project. A modern MES system enables Suunto Oy to improve production flexibility, efficiency and customer service.

Syncron Tech at 600Minutes Production


Please ask a copy of Syncron Tech's presentation in "600Minutes Production" Event, held 2nd Sep, 2014 in Helsinki. Presentation is in Finnish. Title "Tulevaisuuden MES". Send a request via email to: risto.vuopala(at)