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Blog: Data as a hostage


Who owns the data from the production and who decides where and how it is used?

The answer to this question should be incredibly simple and obvious. It doesn't matter which company made the software that primarily produces, uses or holds the data. The process owner should always be in control and own the data. Everyone understands that manufacturer of the automation equipment for assembly lines is not going to decide what the factory owner does with the materials going through nor with the finished goods.

It is rather baffling to see, how often this simple thing seems to be unclear when it comes to the production data. Software companies have noticed that their software are really good at being black boxes, which provide access only to that part of the data that has been initially agreed on. This has quickly formed a culture of guarding and protecting own interests, mostly in the expense of the customer. Every interface is seen as a potential threat to losing the business to some other company. The sooner and more tightly the client is tied and forced to use only one provider the better.

In a worst case this kind of imprisonment of the property of the process owner only increases the expenses, wastes time and forces the process to use sub optimal and error prone methods. Often missing interfaces are substituted with moving data manually, copying from one system to another. Creation of simple
interface is presented as a mission of something so hard, tough and time consuming to do, that the most skillful and expensive professionals are needed for the task. This should only make one wonder how good the company really is in managing their own product and schedules.

In a competitive scenario the realities can be distorted: not opening interfaces can be seen as a great victory for the software company. In reality, all that was achieved was making the client to waste money and time. The leading motive for any software provider should be creation of value for the customer. Only a successful client can help others to succeed. How any customer would see holding their own data as a hostage inside of a black box as a value increasing factor. On the other hand, it is really easy to see how supporting the client in all of their needs can only be a good thing. Even if it is not directly and massively bound to increase software provider's instant cash flow.

At the core of SyncronTech's products have always been versatile interfaces, which can be used to bring all the available data for further processing and visualization in such a way that benefits the client most and creates most value. Whether the data is from complex sales systems or from individual automated process devices, we've got you covered. The same versatility and ease of use is also available for any outbound interface. With SyncWare products you'll never lose the control of your own data, you can have it when and where ever you may need it.



Blog is written by Mr. Martti Ahvenjärvi who is a software engineer at Syncron Tech. Martti has a strong experience in industrial software solutions and an insight how to improve production efficiency using software applications. You can reach him easiest by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.