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Syncron Tech released new SyncWare version 12. More power and ease of use.


Syncron Tech's software platform SyncWare® version 12 is released.

The new SyncWare 12 version can manage even a large company's all needs for production data collection and storage, e.g. for artificial intelligence applications needs.

The user interface is enhanced. SyncViz is now 100% HTML5 and for mobile devices the system supports also PWA, Progressive Web Apps.

Syncron Tech's software platform SyncWare® version 12 is released. It is used for all our products: SyncMES®, SyncPlan®, SyncPower®, SyncPulp®, SyncPermit® and SyncTools product family.

Two major enhancement areas are:

  • capability to collect and store very large amounts of data
  • user interface tools improvements and new technologies for ease of use


Huge boost under the hood.

The SyncWare 12 is future compatible. Especially suitable for fast growing needs in industrial machine learning and artificial intelligence applications. Collect all the data and store it cost efficiently. If an application needs data storage capacity or increased calculating power, the SyncWare platform is the choice as it can challenge any commercial cloud service.

The new boosted performance is enabled by a new advanced NoSQL technology. It can be used to collect all available factory measurement data with full resolution. It is already in use in a target application where more than 250.000 data points are collected and stored using one second resolution. And it is by no means the limit.

Number of supported data collection interfaces keeps growing:

  • Blob storage, all major cloud platform providers
  • Azure Data Lake
  • OSIsoft PI System

And as previously stated we support both OPC UA server and client applications.

Newest system architecture corner stones is cloud independency. Our SaaS service may run in Customer's cloud or together with it.


User interface tool and technology news for ease of use.

One of our product philosophy corner stones is to provide same situational awareness for all users, in the form their work role needs. This requirement has taken the user interface to new level.

  • SyncViz display configuration tool is now 100% HTML5 compatible. Flash is now history and it is supported according to our normal version policy.
  • For mobile devices also PWA is supported. Progressive Web Apps is a collection of technologies which take the web browser application user experience in mobile devices to same level as native apps have. PWA increases also robustness often needed in industrial applications, as it works also in off-line mode. All this without need for app stores.


Other enhancements

The new version collects also developments made to version 11, which have now been streamlined and added to official version and support.

Report tools and Calculation Wizard have been enhanced. On-line helps have been renewed.

There is a new dashboard and new visualization elements.

IT responsibles should appreciate OAuth user authentication support, for its security and wide compatilibility. The end users appreciate the ease of use it enables.