System message

Future MES = SyncMES.


Future MES forecasts what is coming - and enables better decisions. It distributes relevant data efficiently for those who need it and enables easy access to all other data. It adapts flexibly to changes in businesses and enables taking advantage of advancements in technology.

This means in practise among other things:

SHARE: information efficiently for everyone

  • relavant information is accessed in real-time
  • history data, status right now and forecast
  • easy access to all data; independent of data type, time or location

MONITOR: production status now and next week 

  • visulize business relevant information efficiently
  • status of production, quality and deliveries
  • in the past, now and in the future

ADAPT: to evolving needs of business and technological advancement

  • business changes; changes in interfaces, user and remote terminals
  • organizations and company structures
  • enable utilizing new technologies and taking advantage of them

CONNECT: production planning and manufacturing execution

  • planning has real-time information of production status available
  • the actual produced production data is utilized in plans 
  • the plans are integrated to production management and reporting