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New SW11 is released. More productivity with new user interface and new features.


Syncron Tech products (SyncMES®, SyncPlan®, SyncPower® and SyncTools product family) basic software and foundation for releases SyncWare® version 11 is published. The first deliveries utilizing the release are already in commissioning phase.



Under to hood there are plenty of improvements. These improvements can be experienced as more powerful user interface and user friendliness also in mobile devices. In data collection and storage latest internet-era possibilities are applied, improving large data masses handling efficiency providing fast data storing and exploitation. From project and life cycle cost point of view always so important interface definition and implementation tasks are now even more easier by using enhanced tools for standard interfaces.

Basic production modules for manufacturing execution provide foundation for fast deliveries

Manufacturing execution entity (SyncMES® and SyncPlan®) has been further developed and modular entities have been formed e.g. into combined production planning, manufacturing execution, work order planning and follow-up, production reporting, forecasting and OEE-reporting.


For each planning, control, follow-up and reporting needs suitable modules are selected. The picture show various selection examples.

Related to manufacturing execution, several new features have been developed related to project production control, product factory's management, dashboards and warehouse management.

In planning functions several new functions have been developed, attached examples of SyncPlan features:


Project resource planning, critical time stamps and resources.


Planning of orders' manufacturing order. 


SyncPower® new features

Energy domain's products have been significantly developed. Most recent product is highly productized SyncPower® Info for consumer energy reporting.

SyncPower® Scada (power plant operation control) has been renewed to a modular entirety for various usages; modules for: operating economy, operator displays, budgeting, effluent reporting, forecasting, alarm mangement, smart report, process diagrams and electronic diary. 

SW11 pic1 

Deviations of control parameters 

SW11 pic2 

Monitoring of forecasted electricity production


Renewed user interfaces increase productivity and boost mobile/tablet usage

The user interface is in the core of version 11 reforms. The enhancements are largely related to various and different sized mobile devices' support, but also to other usability improvements have been implemented. In practise this means e.g. responsive displays, which automatically adapt to various sized device monitors. Responsiveness enable efficient use in various mobile devices and platforms. The operation using touch screens is easy. Web-interfaces have often had a challenge to support printing, but now it is done easily with high quality. Similarly adapting displays to browser screen size works smoothly.

The user interface visual appearance and clarity are improved, allowing a more efficient and quicker use of the software. Furthermore various functions and displays are more uniform.

mobiililaite valikko

Redesigned menu supports better different kind of platforms and methods of use. The development of general operation functions is visible also in reporting. In version 11 additional to modern report appearances, there are also new reporting components, positioning and search functions. The reporting supports now millisecond level. As a new feature a user can scroll back into a given moment in history in process diagrams and see how the situation looked in the process at that time. The process diagram tool includes new visualization elements.

Responsive and easy to use powerful displays

Bootstrap is used in user interfaces to produce responsive and easy to use and powerful displays.

Bootstrap is a generic set of tools with help of which one can quickly realize from end user point of view good-looking and responsive browser independent user interface. Bootstrap provides ready made user interface building elements, like grid systems, navigation components, dialogs and form elements. The customer application implementation is more efficient as one can concentrate on business logic instead of user interface appearance and positioning its components. Bootstrap is largely in use and well documented, which helps development and maintenance.

Integration with RESTful & Json & Swagger

Version 11 includes support for modern RESTful-based integration both Json- and XML-based.

The system uses Swagger 2.0 –toolset, which enables easier interface definition. 

Data management with noSQL, for distributed data collection a new industrial internet basic device

SW11 has in addition or as an alternative to traditional process data database a noSQL database for storing measured data. This enables even more efficient storage of large volumes of measured data.

The basic component of industrial internet, remote data collection solution is completely renewed. The new SyncControl -product contains a whole new device and for it implemented new versatile program for local measurement data handling and buffering. SyncControl enables distributed data collection from various sensors, signals and measurement devices from heterogeneous data transmission interfaces. Also OPC- Modbus-, and serial interfaces properties have been further enhanced.

SyncESB® enterprise service bus has new features for handling of exceptional situations and emails. SyncESB® bus solution has new message monitoring and queue monitoring tools. 

Technologies and architecture in a nutshell

SyncWare technology environments are freely selectable from widely used de-facto-technologies, enabling e.g. implementation in a license free Open Source environment or in a MicroSoft based operating system and database implementation. The system architecture and implementation utilizes independent technologies, for which there are plenty of experts available in the market.

The applications are implemented using Java and other internet tools and data management is based on relational databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL). The user interfaces are based on responsive web displays (HTML5 from version 11), supporting additionally mobile platform operating system specific (smart phone) applications. As default, mobile devices (smart phone & tablet) support is implemented using responsive web pages. The system supports also map interfaces.

Integration to different levels and systems, from sensor devices and automation to ERP can be done flexibly and based on standard modules (OPC, RS, Web Service, JDBC, EAI,...).