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Boost your production by applying the right know-how to streamline the production flows at right spots.

The restructuring of industry which lowers need for electricity is reflected to the energy sector. In the future growth will follow new emerging products and production, increase of service sector and increase of use of electricity in households. The sector's challenges include slowing down climate change, promotion of new renewable energy sources and increasing energy efficiency. Our solutions support actors in electricity markets and energy suppliers in these challenges.

“I've worked as a power plant expert in Syncron Tech over 15 years – long experience and in-depth vision to energy production challenges has helped to develop SyncPower®-software to be the right tool for Energy-sector.”

Seppo Vihinen  |  Power plant Expert


Our energy management solution is your right tool to meet various energy management needs. Our strong experience of systems integration, interfaces and data collection creates solid base to manage energy information. Our solution can grow with the needs, it can be applied as a mill level tool for balance responsible person up to an energy group's measurement data handling system. Our know-how in optimization methods enables versatile use of optimization algorithms when needed.


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