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SyncPower® systems for energy management (EMS), power plant operational monitoring (Scada) and electricity metering and reporting (Info)


SyncPower® is for the energy sector together with customers designed software. Its operation is based on ready made modules and in background running calculation, reporting and diagram tools (wizards).

SyncPower® releases personnel from routine work and provides ready made calculation results and reports for personnel, authorities and stakeholder use. Actual and estimated power production and consumption can be easily monitored and controlled via graphical user interface.

The modular design makes purchase decisions and deployment easier as needed functions can be rapidly taken into use with customers desired module combination. The investment is protected as when activities or needs increase, new modules can later be added to a running system.

The system tools support tailoring for special needs. The software maintenance is controlled also in the long run. Every part is documented and up-to-date.

SyncPower® includes ready-made connection interfaces for data transfer from automation, other plant systems and external interest groups. Different applications can be integrated into the same user interface and also add SyncTools-modules in the same system.

SyncPower® Scada – for Power Plant Operational Monitoring and Reporting

  • Power plant usage planning and optimization Forecasts and Demand response.
  • Monthly and annual reporting. Sold and purchased products, effluents to water and air, scrap and chemicals.
  • Balance calculations and disturbance reporting. Mass and energy balances, operating economy and alarms.
  • Diary and Smart report

SyncPower® EMS is for The Energy Management of Industrial Enterprises, Electricity and Distribution Network Companies

  • Managing production and consumption by optimally utilizing purchasing and sales opportunities
  • Taking care of routines like invoicing or balance settlement
  • Optimizing energy consumption and costs

SyncPower® Info is for Consumers Energy reporting

  • Consumer energy (electricity, heat, water) consumption reporting
  • Energy usage forecasts and history reporting
  • Comparison of different energy investments
  • Mobile applications for real-time electricity monitoring using smart phones


Product Manager

Seppo Vihinen

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We have delivered a significant amount of energy sector solutions to various operators, power plants and industrial companies. Please don't hesitate to contact for more information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SyncPower® is scalable for all power and size classes. It can be used for thermal plants information gathering and reporting as well as for managing tens of thousands tags and as high number of users.