Laanilan voima power plant in Oulu


Laanilan Voima in brief

Laanilan Voima Oy is part of the Pohjolan Voima Group. Laanilan Voima’s power plant is located in the Laanila industrial area in Oulu, where the company generates electricity and heat for both Kemira’s Oulu plants and Oulun Energia Oy. Laanilan Voima’s power plant mainly uses peat and wood as its fuels. The company has three own boilers, and the total production also includes an eco power plant owned by Oulun Energia and operated and maintained by Laanilan Voima. The eco power plant uses separately collected municipal waste and commercial and industrial waste as its fuel. In total, Laanilan Voima’s heat generation capacity is 200 megawatts and electricity generation capacity is 30 megawatts.

  • A subsidiary of Pohjolan Voima Oyj
  • Produces energy for Kemira’s Oulu plants and for Oulun Energia Oy
  • Laanilan Voima’s heat generating capacity is 145 megawatts and electricity generation capacity 30 megawatts; heat generation capacity of the eco power plant of Oulun Energia is 55 megawatts
  • Certified environmental system ISO14001 and energy efficiency system ETJ
  • Location: Oulu

Cooperation history

Towards environmentally friendly cooperation

Laanilan Voima and Syncron Tech have been partners for more than 10 years. With the development of automation and control systems, Syncron Tech has provided solutions based on its SyncPower software, which have made it possible to measure and monitor the quality of power plant operations more accurately. At the same time, Laanilan Voima has evolved into a company that uses advanced and innovative technology in its energy production.
In addition to automation and service management systems, environmental issues have come to the fore. With the introduction of the eco power plant, Laanilan Voima had to look for new ways to structure and report the information it collected. Similarly, issues related to the environmental permit led the company to work more closely with Syncron Tech, as measuring and reporting emissions required more efficient tools and operating models than before.

The biggest benefit is that with this system, we can perceive the overall picture of production. Based on a single view, we can tell which boilers are on, what fuel they are using, whether the turbines are on, how much electricity is produced or how much heat is generated for district heating.

– Pekka Törmänen, CEO


Significant efficiency gains at all stages of production

Solid cooperation has produced significant results. The systems have been developed so that their various components can be changed quickly and, during the implementation and familiarization phase of the service, help is always readily available. The information collected through the system is useful for production managers, production planners and plant managers, as the production monitoring system enables participation in process control in real time from anywhere.

1. Energy accounting is completely digitalized
2. A single view shows the overall picture of production
3. The same information is easily and quickly available to everyone

With the help of SyncPower software, Laanilan Voima has been able to produce energy more responsibly and transfer the data collected from the production process to both internal and external stakeholders. At the same time, energy management and related reporting have become more efficient as information is readily available.

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