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A single drop of the right kind of knowledge can significantly improve the efficiency of the production process.

Chemical industry's challenges include global competition and finding enough and competent resources to develop know-how, products and production processes. Chemical industry's customers include paper, metals and building material industries and export activity plays a significant role. Ensuring working safety is among top priorities in the industry.

Chemical industry is served with a versatile solutions from group level MES implementations (SaaS) to major production unit's tailored applications. Characteristical requirement is to collect and handle data from batch and continuous processes. OEE and SPC tools are effective means to further process and refine the data for better decisions. Our solutions have created benefits like higher utilization rate and more uniform quality.


Real-time production planning, scheduling and optimization tool



Production planning, management, tracking and reporting in the same system



Remote monitoring, Work permit management

SyncMonitor, SyncPermit

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