Our architecture

Our product is based on commonly used IT solutions and open architecture. These make our system uniquely capable of adapting and integrating into a variety of information system environments, utilizing the latest technological advances.
Our processing of time series data is based on carefully made technical choices. We are able to meet even the most demanding data collection performance needs.
Our software solution can be delivered as a cloud service or as a traditional system delivery.


Interfaces with other systems

We support all major standard protocols for industrial communication. Typical techniques include OPC UA, MQTT, JSON REST, and others.



Cloud services

The service is delivered as a cloud service (SaaS). The necessary information is retrieved and stored securely. The service is used through an Internet browser, also on mobile devices.
Delivery and use place minimal strain on the IT department. The service includes all server hardware and software required to provide Syncron Tech’s software product and service, as well as any software updates thereto.

Features of the SaaS solution

  • Language and time zone support
  • High availability and security
  • Scalability and performance
  • Distributed automatic data collection
  • Centralized data storage for high-volume processing
    and integrations
  • Monitoring and alarms


Applications of the SaaS solution

  • Deliveries of business-critical systems as a service to various industries
  • Implementations with different products: SyncMES, SyncPlan, SyncPower
  • Implementations where the same SaaS service is used in different countries in local languages


Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.