Syncron Tech’s solutions enable efficient connection to production equipment, logic units, automation systems and internal or external information systems. Measured process information can be easily linked to business data.

Data collection

Discussion about data collection often focuses on the comparison of cloud solutions and storage capacity. In our view, the reliability of data collection is also highly relevant. In this respect, data buffering is a key factor.

We must not forget the cost of using the data. We will be happy to explain how to avoid the cost-related pitfalls in respect of data transfer from the cloud storage to the location of data use.

With NoSQL technology, we can collect and save measurements with source system resolution and timestamps. One example of this is a centralized data collection service based on data from dozens of power plants and factories.


Edge computing

Edge computing refers to the local preprocessing of data before it is transferred to a centralized data warehouse.

Our easy-to-deploy and fully secure edge computing solution SyncIoT Edge “calls home” and configures its own communication parameters completely automatically.



Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.