The industry’s most comprehensive set of solutions for power plant energy efficiency improvement, renewable energy production chain management, energy management and daily management of energy production.

Power plant energy efficiency

The challenges of production control and energy efficiency increase as the energy market changes.  Production efficiency requires quick data-based solutions.

Drawing on our process expertise, we have created monitoring and control software that helps you find the best operational parameters for the plant and guides you in different situations. It takes into account the measurement creeps typical of power plant processes, and the need for monitoring and calibration.


Solutions for renewable energy production

Renewable forms of energy, wind power and solar power are gaining popularity fast. Their share of the total energy produced is constantly growing. This affects the dynamics of the electricity market. At the same time, energy storage challenges are being addressed and we also need to take into account improvements in battery technologies. SEAM Group, subsidary of Syncron Tech delivers solutions for all these needs, as well as interfaces for different marketplaces.


Energy management

Syncron Tech’s solid background both in the power plant environment and energy-intensive industry provides it with a good basis to implement energy management systems.

The importance of energy management systems is constantly growing as the power market is undergoing rapid changes. With the liberalization of the energy market, renewable energy and development of battery technologies, the energy market offers unprecedented opportunities.


Daily operations management

The fast progress of industrial digitalization and the mobilization of user interfaces have enabled new management methods based on the quick utilization of data and empowerment of staff with the information they need for their work. Our daily management solutions support proactive response to anomalies on the basis of measured or design data.


Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.