Our solutions are scalable from single-point production-related reporting solutions to comprehensive multi-plant manufacturing execution system solutions. All this on a single product platform. Proceed step by step and clear the most critical bottlenecks first.

Production planning

A visual user interface helps production planners find the best solutions for each situation. You can easily customize the solutions provided by the system. Even in the middle of the production process. You can create scenarios, choose the best one and publish it for production.


Manufacturing execution system

A manufacturing execution system (MES) facilitates the timely implementation of plans without glitches. Users are always aware of the production situation and know what to do next. Maximum flexibility is obtained when production planning and the manufacturing execution system are integrated in one and the same system. In this case, the changes made on the factory floor are immediately known to the production planners and operational management.


Energy management

Syncron Tech’s solid background in the power plant environment and energy-intensive industry provides it with a good basis to implement energy management systems.

The importance of energy management systems is constantly growing as the power market is undergoing rapid changes. With the liberalization of the energy market, renewable energy and development of battery technologies, the energy market offers unprecedented opportunities.


Daily operations management

The fast progress of industrial digitalization and the mobilization of user interfaces have enabled new management methods based on the quick utilization of data and empowerment of staff with the information they need for their work. Our daily management solutions support proactive response to anomalies on the basis of measured or design data.



Mill balance

With the help of mill balance, a power plant or the different departments of a mill can be run at the equilibrium speed. This will minimize the plant’s production fluctuation, and the production can be optimized so that it runs close to the bottleneck speed. When the speed is steady, the quality remains uniform.

The mill balance concept involves controlled changes that are brought about by two things: a common shared snapshot and forecasts. These motivate everyone to strive for a common goal.



Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.