Prefere Resins

Prefere Resins Finland Oy manages and supports its entire delivery chain using Syncron Tech's systems, from IoT data collection to flexible scheduling of deliveries.


Caverion Intelligence Anomaly Detection  preventive maintenance service runs on Syncron Tech's scalable data collection solution, which transfers data securely and effectively to cloud.


The MES operator's work displays have made daily operational tasks easier e.g. work queues management and quality assurance and furthermore reduced needed resources for operator training.


FinnProfiles has increased the scope and reliability of data collection and material batch-specific monitoring at its production facilities with a new production planning and control system. 

Ovako Imatra

Ovako has developed its steel production with SyncMES and SyncPlan software to make it smoother and more efficient. The system gives a reliable and real-time picture of the production situation.


With the help of SyncMES software PAROC has streamlined its operational models of international production and can apply best practices efficiently in its factories.

Porvoon Energia Oy

With the help of SyncPower software, Porvoon Energia has been able to streamline the use of its IT systems as well as transfer and visualize the data collected from the production process to both internal and external stakeholders.

Suunto Oy

Suunto's customers and operation culture requires continuously new products to market. This sets high adaptability requirements for production planning and MES systems.

Yara Uusikaupunki

Yara’s Uusikaupunki plant utilizes a common snapshot in its operations in a more proactive way with the help of Syncron Tech’s plant view and diaries.

“The monitoring of material batches is one major functional entity that we wanted to manage with the new MES system, and this goal has been achieved well. Batch monitoring has enabled more detailed traceability and daily balance management. The project went well even though it was carried out wholly remotely.”

- Marko Venäläinen | Development Director, FinnProfiles


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