SyncIoT is a software solution for data collection and edge computing for industrial process data. It is scalable from managing individual measurement object to an enterprise-wide solution.
SyncIoT enables reliable data collection utilizing buffers. Our SaaS service solution provides an easy way to carry out industrial data collection of large data sets. SyncIoT minimizes the total cost of data collection, storage and use. In our view, your business and process data belong to You. When you want to utilize your data, you often have to pay extra for its transfer, even though the data has already been collected. SyncIoT helps you avoid this extra cost.

SyncIoT is a ready-made NoSQL technology solution. With a NoSQL solution, you can collect and save all mill measurements with source system resolution and timestamps.

The SyncIoT Edge (a.ka. SyncMinion) computing module, which is an option in the SyncIoT solution, offers a modern and easy way to reap the benefits of edge computing.

With SyncIoT Edge, you can carry out data preprocessing and reduction, and avoid unnecessary data storage and transfer. SyncIoT Edge also enables data collection from challenging data collection points – even beyond the reach of Ethernet. Extremely easy configuration of remote data collection is one of SyncIoT Edge’s strengths.

SyncIoT is…

  • Ready to use: A ready-made solution for the collection, storage and analysis of large data sets
  • Scalable: Nearly unlimited data collection capacity – high volumes and short data collection cycles of 10–100 milliseconds
  • Adaptable: Ideal for data collection from existing multi-supplier automation environments; available as SaaS or as a local system installation
  • Long-reaching: Enables wireless data collection from challenging data environments
  • Intelligent: Edge computing features allow data to be preprocessed and reduced before it is transferred and stored
  • Effortless: Quick and easy deployment
SyncIoT is suitable for the project if the IoT platform solution seeks:
  • Speed: Fast start in industrial IoT → SyncIoT is scalable
  • Continuity: Move from old process history data collection systems to a modern IoT solution cost-effectively → SyncIoT is future-proof
  • Reliability: Ready-to-use solution → SyncIoT is effortless


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