SyncPower® is a software set for the energy industry which includes ready-made modules and underlying calculation, reporting and visualization tools shared by the modules.

SyncPower® frees personnel from routine tasks and produces computing results and reports for use by plant management, authorities and stakeholders. Energy production and use can be easily controlled using the most economical forms of production and consumption.
SyncPower® has interfaces for data transfer from automation and other systems and external stakeholders.



Power plant energy efficiency

Select the required modules for power plant management.

Operational control

  • A visual tool for the planning and optimization of power plant operation.
  • Monthly and annual reports. Products sold and purchased.
  • For balance sheet calculations and monitoring of disruptions. Mass and energy balances, operating economy, alarms.

Thermal balance monitoring

The thermal balance monitoring module resolves the balance differences of steam manifolds, eliminating the resulting billing problems.


Produced & purchased vs. consumed & sold differ.

What is the result?

Inefficiency in the production process. Costs. Problems to external billing. Extra work.
Wrong conclusions and actions. Significant loss of income.


SyncPower thermal balance monitoring


Solutions for renewable energy production 

Solar and wind energy as well as batteries and other energy storage solutions are changing the energy market and energy production processes. Behind this development is the drive to keep the electricity grid stable in rapidly changing conditions. Several marketplaces exist. SyncPower is made for this environment.

Functionality matching your needs

Our solutions for renewable energy production take into account the reporting and control needs, as well as issues related to the invoicing of the produced energy and the settlement of production fees. Participation in the marketplaces has been made easy.

Forecasting as a basis for market participation

The total cost of production is minimized by controlling production based on predicted demand. Error-prone manual work is minimized in production reporting. It replaces spreadsheet applications, which are often person-dependent and complicated.

SEAM Group - a subsidiary of Syncron Tech - offers intelligent solutions for intelligent solar, wind and storage using Syncron Tech products.



Energy management

SyncPower® EMS (Energy Management System) has been developed for the needs of energy-intensive industries. SyncPower® EMS minimizes energy costs per production unit.
The use of steam and, for example, natural gas is optimized alongside the use of electricity. Energy (steam and electricity) can be purchased entirely externally or produced in part or entirely at own power plants.

SyncPower® EMS has proven to be particularly useful in heavy process industries such as the forest, chemical and steel industries. The required EMS functions vary widely between industries and companies, depending on the production technologies used and how the energy procurement and production responsibilities are divided within the company.

SyncPower® EMS can handle all the cases mentioned above. The solution can be complemented by SyncPower® operation management functionality for planning, managing, controlling and reporting on the power plant production processes.


  • Forecasting the use of electricity and natural gas, and short-term procurement planning (Spot and Elbas, day-ahead and intra-day)
  • Real-time monitoring of electricity supply and balance management
  • Balance sheet for electricity and natural gas usage
  • Intra-group invoicing for electricity and natural gas usage
  • Invoicing for electricity transmission in a Group-owned regional network
  • Use and billing of emergency reserves
  • Interfaces with other systems (internal and external)
  • Visualization of planning and monitoring with graphical operating screens


  • Improved accuracy of electricity consumption/production forecasts.
  • Creating and maintaining forecasts is easy.
  • Minimizes the cost of balancing electricity due to forecast errors and unexpected operational disruptions.
  • Minimizes the total cost of electricity usage by controlling the timing of consumption and potential production.
  • Provides information for managing energy consumption or production emergencies and provides tools to respond correctly.
  • Reduces error-prone manual work in energy management and reporting.
  • Reduces person-dependency and eliminates the need to maintain complex spreadsheet applications.



Day-to-day management modules

Our day-to-day management tools include Site-view Production Information Screens and the electronic Diary.



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