Energy Management

SyncPower® EMS (Energy Management System) has been developed for the needs of energy-intensive industries. SyncPower® EMS minimizes energy costs per production unit.

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Solutions for Renewable Energy Production

Solar and wind energy as well as batteries and other energy storage solutions are changing the energy market and energy production processes. Behind this development is the drive to keep the electricity grid stable in rapidly changing conditions.

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Power Plant Energy Efficiency

SyncPower® PLANT has a number of modules to manage power plant energy efficiency which help to improve power plant's production productivity and to reducing emissions.

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Industrial Energy Efficiency

SyncPower® supports energy efficiency projects, e.g. when operating according to ISO 50001. The system efficiency collects, stores and visualizes energy consumption data. The achievement of the energy efficiency targets can be monitored against the selected base level.

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SyncPower® is a software set for the energy industry which includes ready-made modules and underlying calculation, reporting and visualization tools shared by the modules.

SyncPower® frees personnel from routine tasks and produces computing results and reports for use by plant management, authorities and stakeholders.

Energy production and use can be easily controlled using the most economical forms of production and consumption.

SyncPower® has interfaces for data transfer from automation and other systems and external stakeholders.

Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.