About us

Syncron Tech develops and delivers software solutions to boost production in industries and energy sector. Huge amounts of data and fearless utilizing it is typical in our customer operating environments.

Our customer base consists of internationally operating forerunner companies in industry and energy sector.

We deliver our software solutions including strong service component as cloud based or system deliveries, directly or via selected partners.

SyncWare architecture independencies and industry sectors


Values: Reliability. Service. Quality. Profitability. Ethical values.

Mission: Sustainable efficiency.

Vision: Our vision is to be the primary choice of the industry and energy customers for smart, learning production software solutions..


Industries and solutions


Our solutions fit especially well in metals, chemical, forest, process and manufacturing industries production execution, production planning and industrial daily management.


Our energy sector focus is in power plant energy efficiency development, renewable energy production chain management, energy management and daily management of energy production.

Industrial IoT

We have strong IIoT technology background. Our solutions enable efficient connection to production equipment, logic units, automation systems and internal or external information systems. We deliver industrial data collection and edge computing solutions.

Our offices are located in Lappeenranta, Espoo, Kuopio and Pori in Finland.

Syncron Tech Oy has a daughter company SEAM Group which offers demand response solutions for intelligent energy consumption using Syncron Tech products.


Our journey as a software solutions professional

Syncron Tech has, over the past 30 years, gained a reputation as a reliable, internationally operating expert in software solutions for industry and the energy industry. We have a strong understanding of industrial business and production processes. It enables us to respond effectively to the different needs of our clients.


Syncron Tech started as a consultancy company for the process industry. However, operations were quickly supplemented with our own software.


The company's first significant assignment was at Kaukas Oy's old recovery boiler in Lappeenranta. The results were promising and the project continued at the Enso-Gutzeit Heinola plant.


News of the excellent results of the first projects spread and Syncron Tech received assignments from several other factories.


Syncron Tech had changed from a consultancy company to a software company. The products embraced the new tools and technologies offered by the Internet, such as a browser interface. First IoT implementation in the chemical industry.


The role of the steel industry in Syncron Tech's customer base was cemented when Fundia Wire Oy, Imatra Steel Oy Ab, Rautaruukki Oy Raahe and Ovako Bar Oy Ab became clients. After these deliveries, cooperation with Ovako and SSAB has expanded further, for example with new production planning systems.


Syncron Tech started first implementations of business critical centralized MES application for Paroc plants in several Northern European countries as an SaaS delivery.


Multiple deliveries as both on-premise and SaaS deliveries to numerous clients in the energy sector, as well as the delivery of a common energy management system for all of Stora Enso's Finnish factories.


The manufacturing industry's production control and production planning solutions have represented an increasing share of our new clients, such as Suunto and Lumon.


Syncron Tech started cooperation with its current subsidiary, SEAM Group.


Syncron Tech started to offer its own commercial private cloud service as a virtualized platform for its SaaS solutions to its clients.


Syncron Tech celebrates its 30th anniversary and is a trusted professional in software solutions with three decades of experience. We actively develop our software together with our industry-leading clients.