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Unexpected stops are avoided if none of the bolts or nobody from the crew is too loose or tight.

Our manufacturing industry experience includes several sectors, biggest ones are construction and building materials, furniture industry and conglomerates. The size and activity areas vary greatly and the largest companies are very international. Production and operation are versatile and often the production is unique combination of continuous and batch processes.

“I've worked in Syncron Tech over 20 years in delivery project management from project definition phase to the end acceptance. Understanding of customer needs, long experience in applying our products and managing the delivery projects have helped to develop our products and delivery processes to world class.”

Ari Rasimus  |  Business Area Manager


Our solutions to manufacturing industry improve mill level production management reliablity, availability and increase efficiency and automate data collection and reporting. Our solutions fit well for companies which have various production types or lines, machines, manual phases as well as several similar sites. Typical functionalities include: production planning, preparing production runs and recording them, shift data management, staff management, operative KPIs and OEE reporting.


Real-time production planning, scheduling and optimization tool


Production planning, management, tracking and reporting in the same system


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We have implemented a number of various
manufacturing industy solutions to a variety
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