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Basic metals industry produces and refines among others steel and copper products, zinc, nickel and castings. Future challenges include specialization, increase added value, exploit newest technologies efficiently and advancing in processing chain. Syncron Tech offers for basic metals industry planning and manufacturing execution systems and solutions to increase flexibility.


“I've worked in Syncron Tech over 20 years in delivery project management from project definition phase to the end acceptance. Understanding of customer needs, long experience in applying our products and managing the delivery projects have helped to develop our products and delivery processes to world class.”

Ari Rasimus  |  Business Area Manager


Metals industry business and production processes understanding, experience in systems integration, connections and data collection and management creates a solid basis to help our clients in this industry to increse their operational effectiveness. Our modular system can be taken into use in steps by department or by a functional entity at time. In production planning and optimization our knowledgebase and practical know-how of process modeling and optimization methods are applied.


Real-time production planning, scheduling and optimization tool


Production planning, control, tracking and reporting in the same system


References in Metal Industry

We have outstanding references in metals industry,
in various production planning, process management,
quality management and reporting applications.
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