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SyncWare Industries Energy Future Independencies englishSyncron Tech is an expert in Manufacturing Execution Systems.

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Syncron Tech is focused on industrial production management solutions and services. Our products are developed in cooperation with our customers and they are based on our more than 25 years of experience. We have a good understanding of the operational challenges faced in our customer sectors and their technological solutions.

Our customer base consists of internationally operating large and mid-sized industrial and energy sector companies. We are familiar with the automation, information and millwide system solutions used by the industry, and with the integration of such solutions. We believe that our continuously developed bleeding edge products enable us to provide significant benefits to our customers.

In addition to Europe, we have delivered systems in North America and Russia. They are suitable for the process industry, and ideal for meeting the challenges of companies in the basic metal industry, energy sector, pulp & paper industry, chemical and food industries as well as manufacturing industry.

Our offices are located in Espoo, Lappeenranta and Pori in Finland. We are a group of 30 experts. Our Managing Director is Mr. Jussi Eskelinen.

Syncron Tech’s daughter company SEAM Group provides energy consumption optimization services. SEAM uses Syncron Tech’s technology platform to provide intelligent energy solutions by utilizing demand response. SEAM is a pioneer in combining the industrial internet and the energy market.