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Production Planning, Control, Monitoring and Reporting in the Same System

SyncMES® provides comprehensive management for the whole plant's production chain based on one tool enabling efficient, real-time next generation production planning (SyncPlan®) and control. The cap between planning and control disappears and the management as a whole improves. Solution can be an all-inclusive production system or just separate tool for a limited use. The system can also be implemented as service (SaaS) by utilizing remote data gathering.

SyncMES® can be easily integrated to other production systems, automation (DCS) and ERP systems. Modern bus based data management (SyncESB) can be implemented at site level as a part of the solution.


Production Planning and Optimization

  • Sales forecast
  • Capacity planning and scheduling
  • Work order planning
  • MRP
  • Material management
  • Optimization

Work Queue Planning and Control

  • Capacity planning
  • Work queue planning and control
  • Production entering and reporting

Production Management

  • Dashboard
  • Graphical and visual monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Alarm management (SyncAlarm)

OEE-reporting and Diary

  • OEE and KPI reporting
  • Diary (SyncDiary)
  • Cost calculation and best run
SyncMES® modules can be flexibly selected according the production needs – implementation can start from limited application and grow guided by the benefits ending up to a centralized system which includes whole production management of several factories.