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Real time production planning, scheduling and optimization tool

SyncPlan® can be used for different planning tasks, starting from traditional capacity planning and scheduling to all to way to changes made in the shop floor based on deviations. Planning can include production batches, material usage (recipes), utilization of the production machines and lines as well as quality and efficiency planning and optimization.

SyncPlan® is often integrated with ERP's customer or shop order and also with production management data (can be also a part of comprehensive SyncMES® -implementation). It provides effective visual tool and can be enlarged with sophisticated optimization algorithms covering the optimization of whole plant's production.


Steel Industry and Metal Production

  • Planning from smelting and casting to (integrated or non-integrated) rolling mills
  • Automatic replanning of grade changes (in case of quality problems)
  • Blendmix optimization and real time optimization of rolled bar cutting
  • Real time optimization of assigning orders to production and cutting during casting process

Chemical Industry

  • Optimization of costs and stock levels
  • Raw material purchasing planning
  • Syncronization of flows between different production processes
  • Planning of product packing

Food Industry

  • Optimization of costs, stock levels and delivery time
  • Replanning based on deviations
  • Quality planning and optimization

Engineering industry and Resource Optimization

  • Material and resource planning
  • Validation of the plans feasibility
  • Heuristic or optimated scheduling
SyncPlan® modules can be flexibly choosen according the needs - implementation can start from planner's visualization tools and be enlarged to cover whole plants comprehensive planning and optimization.