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SyncPower® EMS

SyncPower® EMS is Energy Management System for energy intensive industries and energy companies.

SyncPower® EMS (Energy Management System) is intended for customers in energy intensive industries, using substantial amount of electricity in their production. Often need for steam and possibly natural gas is combined with the usage of electricity. The energy (steam and electricity) can be completely purchased from external sources, or partly produced by customer’s own power plants.

SyncPower® EMS is especially beneficial for pulp and paper, chemical and steel industries. The variation of necessary EMS functionality even within these groups can be large, depending on the production technology in use and differences in how responsibilities of energy management are divided in the corporate structure. SyncPower® EMS can meet the requirements of all these variations. With the additional SyncPower® SCADA functionality it can also plan, guide and monitor optimal use of company’s own power plant's production resources.

SyncPower® EMS provides

  • the functionality needed for planning and monitoring the energy consumption, eventual own production and external purchase/sale as the residual of the two.
  • Based on actual measured consumption and production and calculation results it gives the necessary tools for data collection and reporting in various energy management tasks.
  • The on-line energy balance status, in comparison to forecasts, can be monitored on the levels of production lines, physical sites and the whole corporation.
  • The current situation in production of the mills can be centrally monitored in the graphical steam and electricity diagrams.

Benefits of SyncPower® EMS

  • Improving accuracy of forecasting electricity consumption and eventual production for the next day-ahead period
  • Making it easier for create and update the above mentioned forecasts
  • Providing the data needed for day-ahead and Intraday trading, and forwarding that information to actual traders
  • Minimizing the balancing power costs caused by forecast errors and unpredictable deviations in operation
  • Minimizing the total cost of electricity usage by guiding the timing of consumption and eventual production
  • Providing information for managing exceptional situations in energy consumption / production in the mills and giving tools to react to these situations on the factory floor
  • Reducing error-prone manual work in energy management and reporting, in comparison to e.g. individual Excel -solution for different tasks

SyncPower® EMS is for The Energy Management of Industrial Enterprises, Electricity and Distribution Network Companies

  • Managing production and consumption by optimally utilizing purchasing and sales opportunities
  • Taking care of routines like invoicing or balance settlement
  • Optimizing energy consumption and costs

As the portion of renewable energy sources increases globally setting increasing requirements for maintaining the balance of consumption and production in the electricity power system, the need for an efficient EMS becomes compelling to an increased number of industrial companies, both from actual production processes and economics of operation point of view.

We have delivered a significant amount of energy sector solutions to various operators, power plants and industrial companies. Please don't hesitate to contact for more information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SyncPower® is scalable for all power and size classes. It can be used for thermal plants information gathering and reporting as well as for managing tens of thousands tags and as high number of users.