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Special tools for demanding production needs.

SyncTools applications can be used as a separate single module or together with other modules for specific needs. They can flexibly be enlarged to a comprehensive production management solution. In a Software as a Service implementation they can be taken into use very quickly. Also in the SaaS case implementation can be enlarged to cover multiple usage targets.


SyncESB® Enterprice Bus Solution for Demanding High Volume Messaging for Corporate Environment

SyncESB® integrates seamlessly different systems to each other providing fault tolerancy and buffering by using standard protocols. SyncESB® can be intergrated with mill's existing bus solutions like e.g. IBM MQ or MS BizTalk

SyncMonitor for Remote Monitoring and Control – SyncControl Smart Data Acquistion Device

SyncMonitor is designed for the automatic tracking, monitoring, data gathering and control of various target systems. SyncMonitor includes a high number of ready-made interfaces which can be connected to sensors with smart SyncConnection data acquisition device. Implementation can be enlarged from monitoring a single machine to a plantwide MES-system.

SyncPermit Work Permit Management

SyncPermit application is for management of maintenance and repair target's work permissions which are under separate authorization. SyncPermit improves work permit management, control and reporting.

SyncAlarm Alarm and Event Management

SyncAlarm gathers alarms and events in real time via communication interfaces or by manual input forms. SyncAlarm can control acknowledgements of the alarms and manage high volumes. History can be analyzed by using versatile search and reporting tools.

SyncDiary for Production Personnel's Workdesk

SyncDiary enables efficient entering of the production events, work guidance and presentation of the production status for operators in visual form in real-time. Comprehensive reporting supports the continuous development.

SyncAir for Air Emission Control

SyncAir can be integrated to most analyzators with standard modules. Typical functions in addition to reporting are validation, calibration, real-time interfaces and data sharing to stakeholders

SyncTools modules are configurable off-the-self products and can be quickly taken to use, especially as a cloud service (SaaS). They are often included as a central part in the larger SyncMES® and SyncPower® implementations.