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Company's work permit management.

SyncPermit® is efficient and easy to use system to manage tasks that require a permission, e.g. general/hot/tank/Ex-area permits. Furthermore it supports efficiently maintenance shutdown work managment. 

SyncPermit® is designed from scratch to manage work permit processes efficiently. The errors and extra paper work is minimized and the procedures and processes are unified. SyncPermit increases safety and saves key personnel's time.

Company's permit required work are managed easily and the information is shared centrally to all who need it; supervisors, work performers, safety responsibles and other safety stake holders. It is available for many work types requiring a permit.

The work permit management process is controlled from creating a work permit to follow-up and monitoring the works.

The service can be used remotely via mobile device

Creating a permit, risk analysis and safety plan can be accessed from anywhere from the network, also using mobile devices at the work site and remotely. Similarily work instructions are available.

SyncPermit® user-friendly interface provides visual access for everyone, making reporting and monitoring easy. At the same time.

Reacting to exeptional situations is improved and made efficient - map view

The situational awareness is accessed instantly during exeptions, disturbances and safety hazard situations; real time situation of on-going permit works can be seen at one look from a mill layout map display. Safety, production and other mill responsible personnel can response immediately to the information. Same situational information can be given to rescue department.

SyncPermit® secures safe execution of work requiring a permit

The system will help to improve health and safety at the work and site work risk assessment and creating safety plans become easy. SyncPermit® will facilitate large downtime planning as well as for smaller works.

Use it as a service from cloud

SyncPermit® manages various work permit types and it is operated using a web-browser interface. It is very easy, cost efficient and fast to take into use. No installations are needed to a user terminal (PC, tablet or smart phone), a modern browser is enough.

It is easy to provide access to external stake holders like rescue department or sub suppliers who may need it.

Work permit types

Work permit types in system:

  • General work permit
  • Hot work permit
  • Electrostatic precipitator internal work permit
  • Tank work permit

There are also further permits available, such as: Ex-area permit, piping work permit, lifting work permit, closing work permit, safety equipment testing permit.

SyncPermit® functionalities

SyncPermit® functionalities:

  • Target work's risk assessment
  • Safety plan
  • Automatic work instructions
  • Reminders to responsible persons via email
  • Permits are configurable using maintenance displays
  • Mill map layout showing where work permits are located
  • Browser interface as a cloud service, also for mobile devices; smart phones and tablets
SyncPermit belongs to SyncTools modules. It is productized and configurable and can be rapidly taken into use especially as a SaaS. It can be integrated and work seamlessly also as part of wider SyncMES® and SyncPower® implementations.