Our daily operations management thesis:

  • Critical information immediately to those who need it.

  • More openess in daily work. Openess is a strong motivator at factory floor.

  • Doing it together -culture, collaboratrion over departments, functions and organization levels.

  • Collection of operator comments must be easy.

  • Solid foundation for continuous improvement: Find the root causes, get rid of the unnecessary.



Diary – Production's electronic logbook

Diary – the electronic logbook of the production replaces traditional paper logbooks. It can be used as key data source in process troubleshooting and continuous improvement activities. Operator comments very often contain insight what happened and why. The Diaries make collection of such data efficient as they support also classification of events.

Mobile devices are used more and more in data collection. A user can at factory floor make comments to the diary right at the spot. Smart phones have cameras and the photos are used to enrich the data. Using cameras also speed up the commenting. Combining the photos and texts is very simple. Using photos in the team meetings make the work more efficient.



Overall equipment effectiveness, OEE

SyncMES OEE shows the overall equipment effectiveness in production with clear views. OEE monitoring can be extended to all equipment in the entire plant or to a selected subset, such as the most production-critical or high-volume equipment. In addition to OEE monitoring, you can have more detailed equipment effectiveness monitoring in SyncMES.

Read more: SyncMES OEE



Site view – information displays

The Site views are production information screens, which provide a situational overview of the entire factory. It is a snapshot containing all essential KPIs. The Site view screens enable different departments to forecast their actions and coordinate activities with each other.

Site view screens can be put together using ready-made modules. With these modules for the entire factory relevant data can be collected together and departemental KPIs and details can be grouped together in their respective own screens.


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