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FinnProfiles in Brief

FP FinnProfiles Oy is a Finnish sealing and insulation manufacturer with production facilities in Sastamala and Ii, Finland. FinnProfiles specializes in the design and manufacturing of unique profile solutions for companies that value superior quality and project expertise.

FinnProfiles has been delivering sealing and insulation solutions for various branches of industry, such as the construction, marine, railway and pharmaceutical industries, all over the world for 30 years.

Cooperation History

The cooperation between FinnProfiles and Syncron Tech started with FinnProfiles’s ERP transition project, in connection with which the production planning and control systems (APS and MES) at the Sastamala and Ii facilities were also renewed. Production has run on the APS and MES system provided as SaaS by Syncron Tech since the beginning of 2021. What was considered especially important in the system transition was the capability of Syncron Tech’s platform to adapt to the needs of production and business operations.

“The monitoring of material batches is one major functional entity that we wanted to manage with the new MES system, and this goal has been achieved well. Batch monitoring has enabled more detailed traceability and daily balance management. The project went well even though it was carried out wholly remotely.”

- Marko Venäläinen, Development Director


Materials monitoring and balance management are the core issues in control

FinnProfiles has increased the scope and reliability of data collection and material batch-specific monitoring at its production facilities with a new production planning and control system. The system delivered by Syncron Tech is based on the SyncPlan and SyncMES software and is integrated with FinnProfiles’s ERP system.

Precise material batch-specific monitoring makes the reliable traceability of raw materials possible, which meets client requirements. Batch-specific monitoring has also enabled more detailedbalance management and inventory status information. The reliability of inventory data is very significant for order and expense management, especially as some raw materials have expiry dates. The monitoring of working hours has also become more specific and post-calculation is now easier. As the system runs in the cloud, it can easily be controlled with a web browser from any location.

The project was carried out wholly remotely and, for instance, mobile phone images were used for getting an overview of production in the kick-off meeting. FinnProfiles appreciates Syncron Tech’s quick response times and ability to speak the language of production.

Results in summary:

1. Material batch-specific monitoring ensures traceability

2. Reliable inventory status information and improved balance management

3. More comprehensive, more detailed and faster data collection from the field

In the future, the production planning and control system will be developed to meet FinnProfiles’s needs even better. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform provided by Syncron Tech, the system can be modified and kept up to date.

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