Lumon in Brief

Lumon is an international group focused on the sales, production and installation of balcony facade and terrace products and a significant operator in the European and North American balcony and terrace markets. The company’s production facilities are located in Kouvola and Kempele, Finland, and in Vaughan, Canada. Furthermore, the newest factory will be completed during 2022 in Antequera, Spain.

Lumon’s product selection encompasses balcony and terrace glass wall systems, screens and blinds as well as various balcony facade solutions. The company’s revenue is approx. EUR 151 million. The group has almost 1,500 employees.

Cooperation History

Syncron Tech has delivered the SyncMES software to Lumon’s Kouvola facilities. It was used to configure workstation-specific work displays. The system includes work queue management, schedule monitoring and order-specific work instructions for different workstations, among other things. A significant ERP integration was carried out for the solution. The system was deployed in 2020 and the plan is to add new MES functionalities to it according to development needs.

“Syncron Tech’s work displays increased the usability of our workstations, improved quality assurance and accelerated workstation orientation as part of the expansion of job descriptions. The solution makes practical work a great deal easier and has been well received in production.”

- Sami Hilliaho, Production planning & Logistics Manager


Tailored MES displays ensure production quality

At Lumon’s Kouvola facilities, the manufacturing of each product is customized individually. Production requires work instructions tailored for each workstation, which is something that Syncron Tech’s work displays make possible. Work instructions are easy for operators to read and thus ensure the quality of products. For instance, work displays show images, which makes working easier and ensures that the right component is selected.

The easy-to-use displays were created in agile cooperation. Syncron Tech used its configurable product as a basis for realizing displays according to Lumon’s vision. Lumon can also modify the displays and functionalities itself. The system is based on Syncron Tech’s cloud and secured with local servers to ensure good usability. The ERP integration of the solution was a significant part of the project. From the outset, the interfaces were designed to enable the easy scalability of MES functionalities.

At the selection phase, Syncron Tech stood out from other operators with its modifiable and scalable solution. In the future the MES solution can be expanded with e.g. production planning functionalities.

Results in summary:

1. Improved quality assurance thanks to clear work instructions

2. Faster orientation and more extensive job descriptions for the personnel

3. Easy-to-use workstations

The MES solution provided by Syncron Tech has made daily operational tasks easier, enhanced schedules and work queues management, improved quality assurance and reduced needed resources in operator training. Lumon has been satisfied with the smooth post-project cooperation. Syncron Tech’s professional staff always answers questions promptly.

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