Ovako steel bars


Ovako in brief

Ovako develops high-tech steel solutions for, and in cooperation with, its clients in the bearing, transportation and manufacturing industries. The production is based on recycled steel scrap and includes steel in the form of bars, tubes, rings and pre-components. Ovako employs approximately 2,800 people in more than 30 countries and has a turnover of approximately EUR 900 million.

Since March 2019, Ovako has been a subsidiary of Sanyo Special Steel and part of the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation. The Group is the third largest steel producer in the world.

Cooperation history

From the material tracking to the whole system of steel production

The cooperation between Ovako and Syncron Tech started with the development of the material tracking for Ovako Imatra Steelworksfine section rolling mill. After this successful project, the cooperation was extended to cover the whole system of steel production management and production planning. During the long-term cooperation, Syncron Tech's software platform has adapted perfectly to Ovako's business growth and development.

“The material tracking, visualised production data and real-time data have improved production management. The objectives of cooperation have been successfully achieved. Commitment, willingness to serve and quick response describe well our cooperation with Syncron Tech.”

– Juha Lampinen, IT Manager


Reliable partner in production development

Ovako has developed its production with SyncMES and SyncPlan software provided by Syncron Tech to make it smoother and more efficient. The focus of the change is advanced material tracking, real-time production information and visual production data, which together give a reliable picture of the production situation.

Information available to everyone and the integration of the MES system into factory automation and production planning systems are important for Ovako. The software solution makes it possible to make quick changes, if necessary. It is important for both the operators and supervisors to know what is happening in production at any time. During the more than 15 years of cooperation, Ovako has continuously developed its business to meet the changing needs of the market. Syncron Tech's software platform has adapted perfectly to various production changes.

As a partner, Ovako feels that Syncron Tech is committed, service-oriented and flexible. Discussions go smoothly and you always get support with a quick response.

Results in summary:

1. Real-time view into production process and the opportunity to make quick changes

2. The advanced material tracking ensures high product quality

3. Visualised data helps to manage daily production tasks

Ovako and Syncron Tech continue to cooperate on existing and new projects. Ovako sees that, for example, the growing importance of material tracking as an important issue in the future. The flexibility of the Syncron Tech platform and its ability to adapt to production changes are key features for future development projects.

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