PAROC in Brief

PAROC offers energy-efficient and fire safe insulation products and solutions of stonewool for new and renovated buildings, marine and offshore and other industrial applications. Behind PAROC’s products there is an 80-year history of stonewool production knowhow backed with high performance, technical expertise and sustainability. PAROC is part of the international Owens Corning corporation.

PAROC’s stonewool products are manufactured in six factories in Europe. In streamlining international manufacturing and promoting efficient operations, harmonized manufacturing processes and a single common manufacturing execution system (MES) are of paramount importance.

Paroc Group
  • Energy-efficient and fire safe stonewool solutions
  • Six PAROC manufacturing units; factories in Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Russia
  • Part of the international Owens Corning corporation with 18,000 employees in 33 countries and three business areas: roofing, insulation and composites
  • Sustainability and safety play key roles

Cooperation History

PAROC’s long-term cooperation with Syncron Tech began in a situation where PAROC needed to modernize its production information system. With the SyncMES software, PAROC moved from individual factory-specific databases to a modern single MES system shared by all factories and delivered as a service.  

Focus on manufacturing efficiency

PAROC is using the SyncMES software to manage its manufacturing process from the preparation and smelting of raw material to the curing, cooling and packaging of the stonewool fiber mat. The product structures and recipes included in the MES system also cover the use of binders for binder coating. In addition, quality management measures and quality control are integral parts of the MES system.

SyncMES enables PAROC to have consistent operations throughout its factories. The production situation, for example, can be checked in real time from anywhere, in the language chosen by the user.

Data collection from different stages of production is largely automated. New products and new production lines can be launched easily and much faster than before. It is also important for PAROC that the MES platform does not place restrictions on organizational or production changes required for business development.

The partnership with Syncron Tech has shown that a production-critical MES system can be delivered as a reliable browser-based cloud service.

"Our international manufacturing operations require a versatile, flexible and reliable MES system as well as a highly competent partner. Syncron Tech and SyncMES meet these requirements. Development ideas are transformed into viable solutions through smooth cooperation. We are very happy with our partnership."

- Soile Kiventerä, IS Development Manager, Production Information Systems


With the help of SyncMES software PAROC has streamlined its operational models of international production and can apply best practices efficiently in its factories. MES system delivered as a service has enabled transparency, automated data collection and it has provided PAROC with reliable real-time production information.

  • Consistent practices improve efficiency. Best practices are made available to all.
  • Transparency is increased. Everybody uses the same production metrics.
  • Reliability. The usability of the system delivered as a service has been excellent.

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