Porvoon Energia Oy Tolkkinen power plant (Niko Laurila Photography)


Porvoon Energia Oy in brief

Porvoon Energia Oy is the parent company of an energy group owned by the City of Porvoo.

Porvoon Energia Oy produces electricity and district heat at the Tolkkinen biopower plants and other smaller heating plants.

Syncron Tech’s system is used at the Tolkkinen biopower plants and in the data collection of district heating stations. The two power plant units at Tolkkinen use forest residue and wood chips as their main fuel. 

Tolkkinen biopower plants:
  • Produce district heat and electricity
  • District heat generation capacity of 73 MW and an electricity generation capacity of 23 MW
  • Certified environmental reporting system ISO14001
  • District heating is produced by almost 100% renawable fuels
  • Location: Porvoo in Finland

Cooperation history

Porvoon Energia and Syncron Tech have been partners for more than 10 years. The partnership began with the replacement of old alarm printers with a database solution. With Porvoon Energia’s new biopower plant, the system was expanded into a full-fledged power plant reporting system. 

Clean energy production

One of Porvoon Energia’s main focus areas is to use advanced and environmentally friendly technology in all its operations.

Environmental values play a key role in all operations of Porvoon Energia. In recent years, the company has invested significantly in environmental friendliness both in energy procurement and in its own production.

In improving the efficiency of energy production, it is important to be able to provide a good snapshot of the situation with key performance indicators from the production processes. Collecting measurement data from different production units into a single centralized system, combined with SyncPower’s versatile calculation and reporting tools, allows users to create their own customized reports as needed. Or they can use any of the many predefined reports.

For Porvoon Energia, the ability of a system to integrate with other systems is an essential requirement in choosing IT systems. As the system environment has evolved, the use of the SyncPower product has expanded to support intersystem integration of the plant's other systems through the product’s versatile interfaces.

"You can use the system tools to prepare all kinds of reports. When necessary, you get support from the supplier quickly. The system has excellent integration functionalities with other systems."

– Marko Heikkilä, Automation Manager



  • The integrated system has improved the situation awareness of energy production.
  • The use of IT systems has been streamlined through system integrations.
  • Thanks to its long life cycle, the system frees up resources for system maintenance.
With the help of SyncPower software, Porvoon Energia has been able to streamline the use of its IT systems and transfer the data collected from the production process to both internal and external stakeholders. At the same time, reporting related to energy production has also been streamlined as data from several production units can be found under a single centralized system.

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