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Syncron Tech has released new software version SyncWare 13

Syncron Tech has released new software version SyncWare 13

New solutions for industrial and energy sectors.

Syncron Tech has launched the latest version 13 of its production-boosting SyncWare software platform for the industrial and energy sectors. All Syncron Tech’s software products, e.g. SyncPlan, SyncMES, SyncPower and SyncIoT use SyncWare software platform.

Data collection, data management and data-driven decision making are key ingredients in modern industrial production software solutions. E.g. possibilities to utilize industrial process data cost-efficiently have increased remarkably. Changes in the energy sector, increased use of renewable energy sources and rapidly developing electricity markets demand all new solutions for managing energy production and consumption data.

All industries are looking for new data-driven solutions to create shared real-time situational awareness and to use it in operational activities. SyncWare 13 based new product features respond to these requirements.


SyncWare 13 contains numerous new features, enhancements and product improvements.

SyncPlan – New module for industrial production planning - rough cut capacity planning feature (RCCP). Additionally several new powerful features in advanced planning and scheduling.

SyncMES – New manufacturing execution features, include e.g. new quality management module and new solutions to collect data from the production machinery for e.g. OEE calculations.

SyncPower – New solutions for energy sector. Several new product solutions for managing renewable energy production chain, management of energy storages and power plant energy efficiency development, e.g. using heat balance functionality and statistical analysis methods.

SyncIoT – More efficient productized tools and interfaces to benefit from IIoT, industrial data collection, edge computing and to integrate with selected cloud environments (Microsoft’s Azure, Amazon’s AWS). An all new solution for massive data transfers and management of continuous data flows with support for NoSQL database.


The software is available as cloud service (Software as a Service, SaaS) or as traditional on-premise delivery.

Further information, please do not hesitate to contact Sales & Marketing Director Risto Vuopala,, +358 50 3000645

Syncron Tech
Syncron Tech
Syncron Tech toimittaa teollisuuden ja energiatoimialan tuotannonhallinnan ohjelmistoratkaisuja pilvipalveluna ja järjestelmätoimituksina.

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