SyncMES® and different types of production processes

SyncMES® adapts to the needs of different production processes. The MES system controls the production process and collects information about what, how and how much was produced. Although the basic functions of MES systems remain constant, the focus and scope of system features are determined by the production process.

Manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry, product structure, order-specific requirements, manufacturing work instructions and material tracking are key. Production volume is often calculated in inventory units rather than as individual pieces made.

Tehdassalin yleiskuva

Process industry – continuous processes

In continuous production processes, the data often accumulates into MES time series: e.g. how many production tons were produced per hour/shift/week, what was the average pH of the process water? Materials do not always involve product structures, but quantities such as mass and energy balances can be calculated from production


Process industry – batch processes

In batch production, monitoring is performed not only on a time basis but also on a batch number basis. Quality data and key figures are allocated to the production batch. The product structure is often replaced by a recipe.

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Assembly industry

In assembly production, planning, product structures and the availability of components are key. Essential factors to consider include measuring the performance of numerous consecutive or parallel work steps, as well as measuring and ensuring the quality of the assembly.

Työntekijät työskentelemässä kokoonpanolinjalla

Flexible system

So, a single MES functionality cannot meet all needs – each type of production process has its own conditions. The product properties of SyncMES®, translatable into parameters, facilitate solutions on a per case basis, adaptable to the requirements of each industry. This is even more important in processes where the type of production changes in the middle of the production flow, e.g. from a continuous process into a discontinuous manufacturing process.

SyncMES integrates industrial system


Integration of production planning

Deciding on the connection between MES and production planning is an important choice to make. By integrating MES and design software that supports your production method in a single system you can eliminate yet another interface. At the same time, you eliminate delays in translating plans into production instructions. This is carried out by Syncron Tech’s SyncMES® and SyncPlan® software. A single MES functionality does not fit all, but a good MES is flexible and versatile.Tuotannonsuunnittelija työskentelemässä


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The MES solution delivered by Syncron Tech has made practical tasks easier, improved the management of schedules and work queues, developed product quality assurance, and reduced the resources used for orientation.