Aurinkopaneelit, tuulivoimalat ja akkuvarastot nurmikentällä

Solutions for Renewable Energy Production 

Solar and wind energy as well as batteries and other energy storage solutions are changing the energy market and energy production processes. Behind this development is the drive to keep the electricity grid stable in rapidly changing conditions. Several marketplaces exist. SyncPower® is made for this environment.

Functionality matching your needs

SyncPower® take into account the reporting and control needs, as well as issues related to the invoicing of the produced energy and the settlement of production fees. Participation in the marketplaces has been made easy. 

Forecasting as a basis for market participation

The total cost of production is minimized by controlling production based on predicted demand. Error-prone manual work is minimized in production reporting. It replaces spreadsheet applications, which are often person-dependent and complicated.

SEAM Group - a subsidiary of Syncron Tech - offers intelligent solutions for intelligent solar, wind and storage using Syncron Tech products.

Success stories

Our solutions adapt well to various industries' and energy sector's needs.