Industrial Energy Efficiency

SyncPower® energy efficiency functions support energy saving in industries that use a lot of energy in production.

SyncPower® supports energy efficiency projects, e.g. when operating according to ISO 50001. The system efficiency collects, stores and visualizes energy consumption data. The achievement of the energy efficiency targets can be monitored against the selected base level.

SyncPower® utilizes the data collection capacity provided by the SyncWare architecture and the system's easy connectivity to various energy consumption measurement systems and automation.

With the system's basic tools, the necessary reports and calculations can be easily created, which users can edit and maintain themselves if necessary.


What does the system contain and what does it produce?

The system is used to monitor and report indicators related to energy consumption.

  • Energy consumption (MWh)
  • Factory production (t, m3, MWh)
  • In energy production, primary energy of fuels (MWh), produced electricity and heat

By comparing the realized values ​​with the past/baseline, the impact of the measures can be evaluated. In the same way, it is possible to monitor and compare what is realized during the drive with the goals.

Benchmarking at different levels also produces useful information about development targets, for example: other equipment, production lines, facilities and operators.

The system therefore produces information about the effect of the energy saving measures taken, the effect of the driving style of driving decisions and the control of energy consumption on energy consumption. In addition, energy measurement data can be used to monitor the condition of the measurements.

The energy efficiency solution supports continuous improvement and produces clear savings, which is directly reflected in the profitability of the factory/plant.

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